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Andreea ION & Roman HAMED Law Offices are pleased to announce one entry – level opening position for an Attorney dedicated to our practice in employment and personnel law, privacy and civil liberties and corporate areas. The candidate must prove fluency in English and at least one year of experience since the graduation of the National Institute for Attorneys’ Training and Professional Development.

As an Attorney within our Law Offices, you will be responsible for:

  • Providing legal advice and policy counsel on complex situations, including drafting the legal recommendations for accurate implementation of such policies by our clients, as well as adequate materials for raising awareness amongst the persons targeted by such policies;
  • Conducting legal research and analyses on the entrusted matters;
  • Maintaining productive working relationships with our clients, public authorities and private stakeholders that are relevant for the entrusted matters;
  • Drafting and revising reports, contracts, assessments, memorandums.

If you choose to work with us, we will make sure that you will benefit of a high exposure to various situations in a wide range of industries, of a revenue correlated to your results and of a professional environment that will stimulate your growth as a fully qualified attorney. Candidates are welcome to submit their CV and Cover Letter to cariere@legaltobusiness.com. We are looking forward to meeting you during our selection process, starting July, 2024

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